if white people be like “white people be like” but i’m white and i be like white people be like “white people be like” then who’s driving the car


Okay but high school AU estlat were the teacher does the whole random question thing to see if you’re paying attention, and Raivis is the victim of the day and he’s practically shaking in terror. And Eduard is sitting next to him and out of the momentary cameraderie of the event he scribbles the answer down in big letters and Raivis does not have to spend the next ten minutes getting lectured at.

And then, because Raivis really doesn’t know anyone his age and Eduard is a tremendous nerd, they end up being the only ones at their table at lunch.

From there, it all goes forward as you might expect.

I gave so much to someone who never appreciated it.
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all my fav characters are categorised into 4 ‘types’

  • nerd loser
  • utter dork 
  • sweet precious baby

Complementary colours: #f0fdff  #f0fff3 #fff2f0


sorry if this is like an inside joke thing people have going on but

I saw cowboy astronauts on my dash and I thought it was cool so yeah

See you, space cowboy


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Everyone has a past,
remember this.

Each one of us
carries cemeteries
beneath our skin.
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when u draw somethin really good outa no where like


wtf where did that come from hand? ?? ?


also the ocean on 35mm steals my heart (even more than it usually does)


Me flirting.

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